User Experience, Content Strategy and Personalization Consulting



  • User and stakeholder interviews
  • Jobs-to-be-done mapping
  • User testing
  • Secondary research
  • Competitive audits
  • Heuristic audits
  • Project road-mapping
  • Design reviews

User experience design

  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Information architecture
  • UI design
  • User and functional requirements documentation
  • Agile user story development
  • Personalization strategy

Content strategy

  • Content strategy plans
  • Content audit
  • Editorial calendar planning
  • Content and thought leadership development
  • On-page SEO optimization

What every UX person needs to know about SEO

We all know that content strategy and SEO team members need to work in lockstep, but great search rankings also depend on great UX. In fact, part of Google’s algorithm is based on user experience metrics like engagement and site structure. Here’s how to make sure your UX is SEO-worthy.

Gap Analysis: Seeing the content that isn’t there

It sounds a bit like a magic trick, but the goal of content gap analysis is to see the content you don’t have. Take the mystery out of the process with this list of information you need most and the key questions to ask to perform a successful gap analysis.

Let’s Talk About Ad Blocking

It’s been regarded as another nail in the coffin for publishers and media sites. As mobile gains dominance in how users view content, the rise of ad blocking for mobile devices has publishers concerned — with good reason. Here’s what you need to know about ad blocking now, and how you can begin to future-proof your ad revenue.

Beth Bader is the founder of strategUX

About StrategUX

Beth Bader is the founder of StrategUX. She has two decades of work in digital as a Director of User Experience and Content Strategy at a top ten global agency. She is also a published author.

StrategUX is fueled by strong coffee and a passion for delivering value for clients and users both through great content and user experiences.


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